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Throughout my 2005 music tour in Singapore I undertook some rather intensive SLS vocal training with Daniel and found it immensely helpful in honing and improving 'trouble areas' very specifically and holistically. I noticed almost immediate improvement as I employed the suggested technique, and throughout the tour became distinctly more confident, extending myself vocally in the performances. Thank you, Daniel, for your valuable and enjoyable coaching. I look forward to some phone warm ups in my future hours of need!

Deb Fung
Best New Gospel Artist 2003

I've been with Daniel since Aug 2005. I've noticed significant improvements in my singing on a few different areas. I've feel more comfortable delivering my songs -- especially the ones that straddle between the chest and head voice, i.e. no man's land.

My stamina has improved greatly as well. Currently, I am singing 7 nights a week consisting of two 5-setter nights and the rest are my regular 3-setter nights. I deliver a high energy show with my band, as an acoustic duo, and as a solo artiste. Usually by Saturday, my voice would have shown signs of fatigue, but through Speech Level Singing, I'm able to go the distance, and more importantly, I've learnt how to take care of my vocal cords. It's the only one you'll ever get.

Jack Ho
Lead Singer/ Acoustic Guitars, EIC

Female vocalists in the heavy metal world are very rare due to the fact that most females lack the power to soar above guitars with heavy distortion and loud, hard hitting drums. I had just joined a heavy metal band. Prior to that, I had never sung for such a heavy band before and struggled to even hear myself above the guitars. I constantly ended up with vocal edema and each time I went into the jamming studio, I came out with a very bruised voice and battered self esteem due to excessive shouting.

My band is a fantastic one and I felt I didn't have what it took to be a vocalist with so much power and confidence. That was when I found Daniel. He has taught me that speech level singing is a way of living, not something you do once a week and then forget about till the next lesson. Being consistent with training and disciplining myself about my vocal health was worth it. My vocal power is now astounding in comparison to how I used to sing before practicing Speech Level Singing. I'm able to sing, pull and sustain high notes, without hitting falsetto, for much longer now and then gradually drop down to lower notes without loosing breath or power. I'm now even able to tackle songs that a lot of male vocalist would find too risky to sing. And the best part is I'm getting even better.

The beauty of training with Daniel is now I can sing with lots of power WITHOUT compromising on clarity and melody. My band mates love the way I sing and I have found the confidence to be a hard rocking front woman. That's a gift that's difficult to beat. Thank you Daniel! YOU RAWK!!!

Mumtaz Maricar
Lead Singer, Vervaine

Learning Speech Level Singing from Daniel has been fun and effective. No one lesson is the same. The CDs recorded from every lesson helps a great deal to identify and remember the mistakes I made as well as let me practice conveniently.

The biggest change after training with Daniel is that there is alot less strain when I sing. Be it a long note, or a high note. Singing is now a comfortable and enjoyable process. Contrary to the strained high notes, and yelling to reach notes in the past. Forget falsetto! Sing high notes with more clarity and confidence using the mix.

Friends and fans have witnesses the results, and have commented that my singing sounds alot more professional, as compared tobefore.

Thank you Daniel for SLS!

Frederick Lin
Singer / Songwriter

Daniel teaches a technique that is so different and it really works! I personally suffered from vocal cord edema [swelling of the vocal cords] due to constant belting and abuse. In the past, I always had to push myself very hard to hit the higher notes. Now, I am able to sing with apparent ease and also am able to sing high notes without all the shouting and pushing.

Daniel is an exceptional teacher as well, being able to give an accurate and pinpoint solution to a vocal problem.

Asher Aw

I have never had any formal vocal training before. After less than 2 months of vocal coaching from Daniel, my confidence in my singing has increased significantly. His technique is unique in that is does not focus on training your diaphragm [breathing] but developing the chest voice, mix voice and head voice. This was the reason why my progress was accelerated. I can now sing with less strain, hit high notes comfortably and have more power and strength in my voice. Lessons with Daniel are never boring but always fun and interactive.

Wayne Kwan

I attended a Daniel Singh Vocal Workshop conducted in NTU early this year. It was well organised and informative - with video demos of the singing technique, to video footage of the vocal cords, to a live demonstration and audience participation.

However, after the presentation, I was still skeptical if a chorally trained singer like me could do pop and I wondered if the singers in the video and Daniel himself were natural talents. Their vocal range seemed too good to be true.

Then I decided that the best way to find out is that I try it out myself. I started lessons in August [2004] and lessons have been fun and enjoyable. Daniel's method of instruction is concise and easy to follow. I always feel that I make some progress at the end of each lesson.

Recently, I brought in a song and Daniel gave it a quick fix. Though I don't sound fantastic, I'm happy that I am able to sing without sounding operatic. I'm looking forward to what more Daniel can do for me and that one day, I'll be able to impress others with my singing.

Nic T

Daniel, your technique has allowed me to explore my voice in an way that I could never have imagined. There are so many things to learn and every lesson is a new experience to what I can do with my voice. Ever since I’ve started taking lessons my voice has improved tremendously. I’ve never known that my voice could be this explosive and I now vocalize at 4.5 octaves instead of 2.5. Singing has never been so relaxed, satisfying and achieving.

The best part is that I’ve never lost my voice even though I sing more than I’ve ever done before! The lessons definitely have contributed to what I have achieved in my voice and I believe there’s still a lot more room for improvement that I know you’ll lead me into.

I have absolute confidence in you as my vocal teacher. You have utmost passion in what you’re doing and possess a good understanding about how the voice works.

Andrea Tan

Daniel Singh is an outstanding vocal coach and is truly passionate about what he does. He is my 6th vocal coach and the only one whom I’ve learned so much from in such little time. I’ve learned how to quit the belting, increase my range, sing without ever feeling tired, take on harder songs, how to apply my exercises to my own songs, what exactly the exercises are for, what is good and bad for the voice and so much more. Thanks to SLS I’m a better singer! And thanks to Daniel I understand it!

Jeassea Thyidor
Singer / Songwriter

Until I was recommended to give Daniel a call and touching base with him subsequently, I had already a belief that my voice was the way it was. I was never going to sing anything else except bass lines in my group with melodic excursions wistful thoughts having been trained to be such for many many years.

You see, practicing only the low and the very low notes and getting really good at it has got me just that...the low notes. My upper range had become an effort to use! Somehow I knew I had to progress somewhere.

Thus it was a real revelation on our 1st meeting that I saw a possibility that there was perhaps more to my voice than I had thought.

While unorthodox to my years of taking voice lessons and coaching, I was nonetheless willing to give it a go. To say it wasn't easy was an understatement and I'm still very much in the process of unlearning the learning which had become deeply entrenched and practice new habits!

The results were not immediately obvious for me, but over the past 2-3 months that I have been with Daniel, I've noticed that:

My range has improved ( ie the lows have actually got lower and the highs much more comfortable if not alarmingly higher). The tone is brighter and the projection improved. Pitch accuracy has improved (This was a surprise to me!)

My confidence in my voice has improved tremendously.

Conclusion? Well, if you are willing to give this a try and you must be open to it, you might be amazed at what can be done!

Kah Keh
(a fifth of Budak Pantai Acapella Group)

Singing has always been a passion and I’ve had many different singing teachers and learnt various techniques. Having gone though a previous operation for vocal nodules, I felt devastated when I was found to have polyps on my vocal cords in 2004 and advised to undergo another operation. My voice was coarse, husky and breathy. The ENT doctor I saw recommended that I see Daniel for therapy & review my singing technique.

No more breath support exercises, strains or tensions! Daniel took me in and gave me a good understanding of my voice and even worked with it unlike another vocal teacher who previously insisted I see her only after my operation for nodules. Very quickly my speaking voice started to take shape becoming stronger, richer and singing became easy!

Recently, I was reviewed by the doctor and he found that the polyp had reduced in size and I was told I did not require an operation anymore! The doctor and speech therapist advised me to continue sessions with Daniel and I am doing so.  

Daniel’s approach to singing has set me free from all that I used to believe in when I trained with other teachers. He has really made me see singing in a different perspective. Now I enjoy singing like never before. I strongly recommend Daniel to all singers because bad singing technique can result in vocal problems like mine.

Thank you Daniel and keep up the great work! I thank God for you.

Justene Er

Singing is easy and effortless? That was an impossibility using the diaphragm technique that I had learned from being in the choir. The only thing I got was constant sore throats, vocal strain and a loss of voice. It was so frustrating and discouraging. Then I started lessons with Daniel and I was simply amazed! I was hitting the high notes so effortlessly and the best thing is no more strain, sore throats or loss of voice since I started learning this technique. I couldn’t have found a better vocal trainer than Daniel. And I’m really excited about further breakthroughs in my voice, in the years to come, as I continue to train with Daniel. Thank you Daniel I really owe my voice to you!

Rock on!!


Daniel is my first ever vocal teacher! And within 3 lessons, I could sense a change in the way I sing vocally! He was able to create a change & breakthrough in my voice that years of choir singing was unable to do!

June Foo

After Daniel passionately explained how the voice really works and how singing should not be so difficult, I agreed with his explanation. I was having difficulty at that time with diaphragm training, and decided to give this a try. Within three months of enjoyable lessons, I could see a difference in my singing.

I like …

  • that I’m trained one to one instead of being trained in a group so that the exercises are administered effectively to my specific needs
  • feeling the liberty to vocalise confidently
  • the strengthening of my vocal muscles to a point where I can trust them enough and concentrate on my song instead of technique
  • the realisation that my range is way wider than I was told, and by connecting the cords, I can vocalize all the way above a women’s high C without flipping into falsetto

Personally, I found that this technique suits me well and has improved my voice.

Adele Wong

Since I've attended the workshop conducted by Daniel Singh, on March 2004, at my church, my perception of singing has been totally transformed. During the workshop, Daniel showed us video clips on how our throat and voice box works, proving further the credibility of the technique he teaches.

After the workshop, curiosity brought me to contact Daniel to learn more about it. Having gone through 8 lessons now [September 2004], my voice no longer feels strained whenever I attempt high notes. It feels so natural singing difficult notes. This technique allows me to hit those range that I could never achieve without straining my voice. It's simply amazing.

Kenny Lee