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what do 120 Grammy winners have in common? ... they all use Speech Level Singing
Seth Riggs Speech Level Singing Certified Teacher

What do Michael Jackson, Natalie Cole, Stevie Wonder, Luther Vandross and over 120 Grammy winners have in common? They all use the Seth Riggs method of Speech Level Singing (SLS).

SLS enables you to sing freely and clearly through your entire vocal range without yelling, flipping to falsetto. SLS can be applied to any genre of music. SLS is also used as vocal therapy for singers who have vocal diseases or damage from years of vocal abuse.

Daniel Singh trained under SLS founder Seth Riggs and became the first certified SLS Instructor in Singapore. He also served as a Member of the Educational Advisory Group (EAG) for South Asia from 2005-2008. For more information on Seth Riggs and Speech Level Singing check out www.sethriggs.com and www.speechlevelsinging.com

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